Military Order of the Collar

The Foundation MOC Charity Work (Stiftelsen MOC Hjälpverksamhet) is devoted to the care and bringing up of children, education and training, charitable work among the needy and scientific research, and other long-term humanitarian and cultural purposes.
The Foundation is registered in Stockholm, Sweden, with registration number 802424-7291.

Military Order of the Collar
It is a non-profit and party-politically neutral foundation which through its own administration and gifts from individuals and corporations or national and international organizations collects money and distribute this to individuals and national and international charitable projects. The Foundation regularly receives donations from the Grand Priory of Terra Nordica of the Military Order of the Collar (MOC), a dynastic Order belonging to the Royal House of Aragon, Majorca and Sicily.

Among the projects currently supported by the Foundation are:

  • The Camerun project where we support the Dominicans in a new project
  • Barra in Gambia, where we support the bulding of a new nursery school.
  • The Bethlehem project. The Brigittine Sisters in Bethlehem distribute food and medicine to families in need.
  • The Catholic Cathedral Parish. The Open Door programme is primarely directed towards persons in a difficult social situation (see letter).
  • Projects supported by the MOC Charitable Foundation in Great Britain, bl.a. a school for the blind in India.

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